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Make sure to read the introduction on the home page before you make your character.

Technical information: Brokenbones is TL4 (Age of Sail). The only exception to this is that stoutfolk sailing technology has not progressed enough to include ocean travel – that’s for elves, and all the elves are dead! This means you can have hand cannons, matchlocks and flintlocks. Keep in mind that these are not completely widespread so finding ammunition (powder, really) in a pinch will be a problem.

Take 105 point characters for this game.. You can have 60 points in disadvantages and as many points in advantages as you want. Pick a racial template – you have to spend the 30 points. You start with $2,000.

On Advantages and Disadvantages: Supernatural and superhuman advantages and disadvantages are cool. Psychological disadvantages are great as well! Alcoholism, struggling wealth and greed are strongly suggested disadvantages! A full list of advantages can be found here. A full list of disadvantages can be found here. Cinematics are acceptable.

On Skills: Alchemy exists, so feel free to be the alchemist’s apprentice, his name is Fredyr Slatemine. A full list of skills can be found here. The cinematic Science! skill is also acceptable. Other cinematic skills are acceptable as well.

Choose one:

  1. Claim to Hospitality (Clan) {+5} – if you want to find anyone of your clan, you have to start asking around, own a genealogical book which is an advantage — Signature Gear [+1] — or have the skill Genealogy IQ/A, which functions like Area Knowledge – the wider the area the less specific your knowledge.
  2. Social Stigma (Clanless — -2 on reaction rolls when your heritage comes up) {-5}
    Email me once you have a character idea or one filled out.

Racial Templates

Some Ideas on Character Type


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