12604, Spring – Expedition led by Ghrothgar Shattersword makes first strike at the stone of Bloommountain after a long journey into the wilderness. There are 14 inhabitants of the fortress that they name “Bloomhome.”

12609, Fall – Population grows from 14 to 44. Food and iron is plentiful and the mining and smithing industry have been successful and are going strong. An alchemist, Fredyr Slatemine, sets up his laboratory and works the magic ores in Bloomhome.

12683, Spring – The population has reached 278. Villages and hamlets have been built in the surrounding area. This marks the pinnacle of Bloomhome.

12583, Winter – The end of the main iron vein is reached.

12684, Fall – A miner breaks stone into a magma river. Magma floods part of the mines, toxic gases fill the rest and pour into the fortress proper. Three fourths of the miners are killed, one quarter of the rest of the population dies and the rest are forced to wall off and abandon half of the fortress.

12684, Winter – A blight destroys the wheat crop and the population is forced to overhunt the area to survive. The population drops from 284 to 87.

12685, Spring – Most of the population migrates back to the mountain homes. The population is now 28. The fortress is renamed “Magmasorrow” in mourning for the loss of so many dwarves.

12685, Summer – Ghrothgar Shatterword dies of Marrow Rot he contracted from a wolf bite that he sustained while hunting. Fredyr Slatemine takes charge of the fortress.

12685, Fall – The new fortress is fully constructed, but there is no iron and little magical ore left to mine, although there is much that still needs to be worked. Some migrants arrive and the population increases to 34, including a pair of weaponsmiths who begin to work the remaining iron.

12689, Spring – Play begins.


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