Lidri Barrowdweller

Gnomish Alchemist and Gunsmith


Lidri son of Bargo and Margo of the Barrowdweller clan.

Not one to plan things out most of Lidri’s alchemy consists of mixing things within arms reach and using himself as a Guinea pig
Despite nearly dissolving one of his legs one time (it never entirely recovered) and another time damaging his throat and giving him a terrible raspy voice, he still believes that nothing he makes can permanently damage him , making him the perfect test subject. While Lidri is appreciated for his quality products, his habit of testing his products on himself puts people off.

Lidri arrived in Bloomhome spring of 12643 with family and his father set up a workshop working part-time in the mines and part-time doing metal work (particularly gunsmithing)
Lidri showed a natural talent for Alchemy and became an apprentice under Fredyr
after the terrors of 12684 the Barrowdweller clan at Bloomhome decides to leave for their mountain home, Lidri decides to stay and take over the workshop.

Lidri Barrowdweller

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