Debkar Hillockwood

A travelling gnomish bard, with a slight interest in history


I, Debkar, son of Grobkar, who is wed to Nefti, left the Hillockwood home after having trouble with my professional training. I was not given to the common interest of the advancement of the understanding and abilities of the whole stout folk race, being more inclined to the older ways. I did, however, leave in good standing with my clan on the understanding that I was going on my way to record the history of the stout folk. As I recorded what little I have so far been able to learn, I used some training that I had in speaking and singing, both of which I found I have a natural talent for, to make enough to keep me well set. My formal instruction in language has not yet come in useful, but I do hope to make use of it. Finding my way about I have stumbled upon the town of Magmasorrow. The name has intrigued me, but I am sad to see that the town is abandoned by all but a few. Perhaps I can find someone in town to give me a brief history, that I may record it. Perhaps I will even find others who have an interest in travelling with me, for the good of the Stoutfolk.

Debkar Hillockwood

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Stat Level
Intelligence 11
Dexterity 10
Health 11
Strength 10