Brokenbones is a cold, ancient and unforgiving land where dwarves and gnomes stand as the last bastion of civilization. Humans, kobolds and feral halflings roam the wilderness and prey on travellers. Elves died out because they are pansy, tree-loving morons and could not survive in the harsh land. While the foremost homes of the Stoutfolk are the mountain fortresses, a less-traditional kind also inhabit castles, towns and villages on the surface. Abandoned fortresses, castles and ruins dot the landscape, monsters and witches inhabit the forests and wild animals roam freely in Brokenbones. For an enterprising dwarf or adventurous gnome, there is much fortune to be made – if you live to spend it. The game will begin in Magmasorrow, a once-prosperous mountain fortress that is now nearly empty. See the history of Magmasorrow here If you’re a new player head to the players section in the wiki to get the low-down.

Tales of Brokenbones

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